Tamika Fuller

A Fulton County superior court judge just dealt Ludacris‘s baby mama another blow.

Last week, Judge Doris L. Downs denied Tamika Fuller‘s motion for a new trial.

In an earlier decision, the same judge awarded full physical custody of 2-year-old Cai Bella Bridges to her father, rap mogul Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges.

In her 5-page order Judge Downs explained her reasons for denying the petitioner (Tamika) a motion for a new trial.

In addition, Judge Downs ordered the petitioner (Tamika) to pay Luda’s attorney’s fees!

Tamika Fuller

A quick glance at Tamika’s GoFundMe page, which was created on April 10, shows she raised $1,140 toward her goal of $7,000. Tamika set up the account to help pay her attorney’s fees and to create a foundation for single baby mamas.

According to court documents, “the evidence overwhelmingly” show that Luda is the proper parent to have physical custody of the minor child.

The judge awarded attorney’s fees to Ludacris because the mother was “motivated” by her desire to “harass the father who is a celebrity” and “to cast him in a poor light.”

The court found that the father should recover reasonable costs and fees for defending himself against the mother’s frivolous motion for new trial.

May 13 is the next court date for Luda’s lawyers — Tanya Mitchell Graham and John Mayoue — to present an affidavit listing their attorney’s fees for challenging the motion for a new trial.

On that day, the judge in her discretion can force Tamika’s lawyer, Lisa West, to pay Tamika’s attorney’s fees since Tamika is indigent and West knew the law better than her client.

In a show of support from one single mother to another, Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond donated $100 to Tamika’s fund.

Tamika Fuller

Tameka wrote:

“As a person that battled the judicial system I understand your plight. I pray that justice is served because every child belongs with their mother. Little girls especially at such a tender age need and deserve their mothers primarily.”

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