Once again the blogs are reporting incorrect information about rap mogul Ludacris‘ child support case.

The latest rumors (which is actually old news) claims that Luda and his baby mama, Tamika Fuller, went back to court in Atlanta yesterday to force Luda to pay her $15K in monthly child support for their infant daughter.

Ludacris, whose real name is Chris Bridges, was not even in court yesterday. According to my court sources, Luda was giving a deposition to Fuller’s attorney, Randy Kessler, for a few hours yesterday.

Fuller is still receiving a court ordered $2,750 per month. Nothing has changed in that regard. Yes, she wants more money but she needs to have full custody of the baby in order to get more money — and she doesn’t have full custody. There is nothing on file at the courthouse that says she’s getting $10K or that she’s asking for $15K a month.

Again, there was no court hearing yesterday. Stay tuned to for the real facts on Luda’s child support case!

From Power98 FM:

Ludacris has been trying hard to avoid paying high child support including heading to child support court before the mother does, allegedly lying about his income and claiming that the woman is only after him for money, though they’ve been rumored to have carried on a relationship since high school. Well, his baby mama Tamika Fuller has gone to court to prove that Luda is lying about his income. Tamika requested $15k a month in child support, but Luda rejected it, saying he only makes $25,000 a month. The courts didn’t believe that one bit and ordered him to pay $10K a month temporarily and $35,000 for Tamika’s legal fees (which is only right considering he drug her to court first). Now Tamika wants to see receipts because she’s ready for Luda to start paying the $15K child support she feels she’s owed. She wants Luda to hand over all loan documents, financial records showing all sources of income, home and car purchases, and any purchases of tangible items such as clothes, jewelry, furs, furniture, electronics and anything with a $499 or more price tag.

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