Less than 24 hours after Glory Johnson announced her pregnancy on Instagram.com, her “wife”, WNBA star Brittney Griner has filed for an annulment.

ESPN reports that Griner filed papers today to dissolve her less than 1-month-old “marriage” to Johnson.

“Last Wednesday, Glory and I agreed to either legally separate, get divorced, or annul our marriage,” Griner said in a statement Friday. “I can confirm that today I filed for an annulment. In the week prior to the wedding, I attempted to postpone the wedding several times until I completed counseling, but I still went through with it. I now realize that was a mistake.”

Johnson’s rep told a gossip tabloid that the couple never discussed an annulment.


A few hours before Griner filed her paperwork, Johnson posted this photo of Griner caressing her pregnant belly.

Griner and Johnson got “married” just 3 weeks after their much-publicized arrest for domestic violence.

ESPN reports that Griner pled guilty to disorderly conduct and agreed to attend 26 weeks of counseling.

The WNBA suspended both women for 7 games, saying domestic violence would not be tolerated in the majority lesbian women’s basketball league.

Rumors are running rampant as WNBA fans speculate about what transpired between the 2 mentally unstable lesbians over the past 24 hours.

One source, who claims to be close to Johnson, said she never loved Griner, and that her plan all along was to get pregnant by her boyfriend.

In other words, Griner (who isn’t very bright) got played by a heterosexual couple.

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