WNBA players Brittney Griner, left, and Glory Johnson are expecting a baby after dating less than 6 months. The ladies got “married” in an intimate ceremony last month — just weeks after they were arrested following a domestic violence incident.

Johnson posted a photo of a bun in an oven, with the hash tags “#SUCCESS #BLESSED #WelcomeToTheJohnsonGrinerFamily”

Both women were arrested on April 22 after a knockdown, drag out fight at their Phoenix home.

On May 15, the WNBA suspended both women for 7 games each, saying the league won’t tolerate domestic violence among their mostly lesbian players.

In an exclusive interview with SI.com, Johnson called herself the victim.

“If I’m being fought, I’m not just gonna sit back,” said Johnson. “There’s probably a better way to handle it. But at the time … you’re just thinking of protecting yourself and doing what you need to do to stand up for yourself.”

There’s no word on whether Johnson was artificially inseminated or the couple hired a surrogate.

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