Bruce Jenner new face cost 70K

It’s hard to tell the difference, but Bruce Jenner’s facial skeletal reconstruction, facelift and lip fillers cost a whopping $70,000. The 65-year-old cross-dresser emerged from the closet to seek fame and fortune after living in the shadows of his ex-wife, Kris Jenner, and his stepdaughters.

Bruce Jenner and Rob Kardashian

The 10-hour procedure, called facial feminization, was performed in March by a renowned plastic surgeon, according to Vanity Fair magazine.

From Page Six:

Los Angeles-based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi, who has never treated Jenner, estimates Caitlyn’s new face set her back a whopping $70,000.

By looking at the athlete-turned-reality star’s face, Alessi, who performs facial feminization surgeries on roughly a dozen male-to-female patients a year, details the six procedures he believes were done.

“Rhinoplasty can run anywhere between $9,000 and $15,000,” says the 57-year-old surgeon, of the Alessi Institute. “I think she’s had some facial rejuvenation surgery also — that can run $25,000 in and of itself. She’s had the brow lift — that can be between $11,000 and $12,000. She’s had the cheek implants — that’s between $6,000 and $8,000. She’s had her Adam’s apple shaved and that can run anywhere between $6,000 to $10,000. She’s had Botox to the [jaws], which is about $800.”

He also says it’s not uncommon for patients to return to their surgeon for general upkeep and hints that Jenner won’t be any different.

“They may want to tweak things,” Alessi says. “Again, she’s going to want to stay as good-looking as she can for as long as she can. I’m sure she’s going to have little tweaks here and there.”