Raven Goodwin

A loyal reader emailed me this video of Being Mary Jane actress Raven Goodwin getting into it with another patron at a Waffle House in Atlanta.

The skirmish happened at a Waffle House in Atlanta around 4 a.m.

Maybe it’s just me, but the “argument” was most likely an audition of sorts for a new reality TV show. This is nothing you haven’t seen before on Real Housewives of Atlanta. The only difference is the Waffle House cooks are breaking up the fracas rather than sexy bodyguards dressed in all black.

Goodwin (who plays Gabrielle Union‘s oft-pregnant sister on the show) and the cast of Being Mary Jane are busy filming scenes for the upcoming season in Atlanta.

I did reach out to BET execs to inquire about a clause in their stars’ contracts that prohibits them from making a public spectacle of themselves. But so far there is no response.

Watch the video below.