South Fulton County police are searching for a man they say assaulted another man with a baseball bat for making a pass at him.

It all started when Adrian Wilson spotted a man fixing a flat tire outside his apartment on Cascade Road in southwest Atlanta. Wilson said the man asked him for help fixing his tire.

The man, who police later identified as Denzale Johnson, was wearing his pants sagging low. Wilson said Johnson asked him how much money he wanted for the help.

Wilson probably took that as a sign that Johnson was trade — gay slang for a young heterosexual man who is willing to trade sex for cash or other favors.

“I said you already gave me a free peep show, so I’ll go ahead and do it for free,” Wilson told Channel 2 Action News.

Wilson said Johnson didn’t take kindly to the sexually suggestive comment.

“He asked me then if I’m straight, and I said, ‘No, I’m gay,’” said Wilson. “He went off telling me, he wasn’t gay he was straight, he hated gay people.”

Wilson said he turned to leave and Johnson struck him from behind with a baseball bat.

“He said he hates gay people. I’m gay, he hit me with a bat so apparently he hated something about me,’ said Wilson, who received 13 stitches to close a head wound.

South Fulton police are looking for Johnson who is wanted on aggravated assault charges.

Georgia is one of 5 states that has no hate crime legislation on the books. So Johnson won’t be charged with a hate crime.

But critics of hate crime legislation say the law is used unfairly in cases where victims instigate violence.

Provocative clothing is never an excuse to sexually harass women. So why is it okay for a gay man to hit on another man just because his pants is sagging?

Violence is never acceptable, but neither is sexual harassment whether the one doing the harassing is a man or a woman.

I know many gay men who were beaten for coming on to straight men. I don’t agree with violence. But at the same time, women feel helpless when they are constantly hit on by men.

Men who are hit on by other men feel their manhood is threatened — and men who feel threatened will often attack.

The gays are quick to yell hate crime, when in fact 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

No one has the right to make unwanted sexual advances. Tolerance is a 2-way street.