Clarence Roby Judge Karen Wells Lisa Crinel

A promiscuous New Orleans attorney is accused of cheating on his wife, who happens to be a federal judge, with one of his clients.

Federal prosecutors are struggling to untangle the messy love triangle involving U.S. Magistrate Judge Karen Wells Roby, her husband, attorney Clarence Roby and his client, businesswoman Lisa Crinel.

Crinel is the target of a federal investigation into Medicare fraud. She was charged in March with bilking the government out of $30 million in fraudulent Medicare charges for her home health care company.

The complicated web of sex and deceit was uncovered after federal prosectors asked Judge Roby to sign off on search warrants for Crinel’s business.

Prosecutors now believe Judge Roby was aware of her husband’s illicit affair with the voluptuous Crinel — and that she happily signed off on the search warrants.

Crinel later filed a lawsuit accusing her ex-boyfriend of violating professional conduct for attorneys and committing “legal malpractice.”

Crinel seeks $1 million in assets seized by the feds as well as compensation for losses incurred as a result of Roby’s malpractice.

Prosecutors claim they weren’t aware of Roby’s illicit affair with Crinel — or that he was even representing her — when they asked Judge Roby to sign off on the warrants.

Prosecutors believe Judge Roby knew of her husband’s relationship, and she may have even driven by Crinel’s business while the feds were carting out boxes of evidence.

The same prosecutors don’t believe Crinel knew her beau was married.

In email messages to Clarence Roby, Crinel complained bitterly about his reluctance to take her out in public.

She pleaded with him to take her out on dates, saying, “we can’t stay locked up in this house.”

She also complained that he never called her during the day or in the mornings after they had sex.

Roby responded to her 12 hours later, cautioning his lover to send emails to his personal email address and not his business email.

“Nothing about this email suggests that Clarence Roby or Crinel actively flaunted their affair,” prosecutors wrote in federal court documents.

Source: Miss Pearl