A washed up R&B singer is about to be sued by the personal assistant to the R&B singer’s superstar sister.

This singer, who looked an absolute mess at the 2015 BET Awards, is accusing the PA of stalking her. The reality is this singer is so envious of the PA’s closerthanthis relationship with her superstar sister that she reportedly stalks HIM on social media.

The R&B singer blames him for stealing her friends (even though she does’t have any friends), and she constantly keeps tabs on his movements by calling and texting people who know him.

Who does that?

The drama will ramp up a notch on Thursday when a TV network airs an episode featuring the singer’s alleged stalker.

The PA is in the process of filing restraining orders against the singer, the TV network, and the production company today.

He is also planning to file a lawsuit for slander and defamation. He is seeking compensation for his emotional distress, pain and suffering. And he will win because there is evidence against the singer in the form of numerous social media posts directed toward the PA.

Insiders whisper that the singer is stalking the PA because he knows something scandalous about her husband that would blow the lid off their private life.

I don’t know what the scandalous TEA is, but I can only guess that it is extremely damaging to her and her husband’s public image. Especially considering… Well, I’ll leave it there… for now.


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