According to Us Weekly magazine, actor Ben Affleck left his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, for the couple’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian. Garner must not have learned anything from the Arnold Schwarzenegger nanny debacle.

The couple reportedly hired 28-year-old Ouzounian from a high-end Beverly Hills nanny agency. She presumably got to work seducing Affleck soon after she started caring for the couple’s three children.

“They would hang out without the kids,” a source told Us Weekly. “And they were very flirty.”

“She says Ben really, really likes her. She’s saying this is true love,” the insider added.

This is why smart women like Wendy Williamns, Tameka Harris, Nicki Minaj and Jackie Christie keep their men on a short lease and in their line of sight at all times.

Sometimes it’s not the man’s fault; he wants to be faithful. It’s those trifling women out there who know men aren’t designed to resist their feminine wiles.

When a man cheats it’s almost always with someone he is familiar with. A woman in his immediate surroundings. the most cheating occurs in the workplace.

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