Zoey Tur threatens Ben Shapiro

Last week, the headlines were dominated by the arrest of rapper Young Thug, who allegedly made terroristic threats against a mall cop.

But those same headlines were suspiciously silent when MSNBC chopper pilot and contributor Zoey Tur not only threatened Breitbart reporter Ben Shapiro, but he physically assaulted him when the two were guests on Dr. Drew’s show last week.

Tur and Shapiro were having a heated debate over whether cross-dresser Bruce Jenner deserved an ESPY award for courage. When Shapiro addressed him as “sire,” Tur grabbed Shapiro by the scruff of his neck and told him, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.”

While “physical assault” might seem like a stretch, assault is defined as “any unwanted touching” in most police jurisdictions.

Tur is best known as the chopper pilot who captured the video of O.J. Simpson’s white bronco as Simpson was being pursued by police in 1994.

After Tur threatened Shapiro, the other guests on Dr. Drew’s panel — including Rolonda Watts — defended Tur’s actions as warranted because Shapiro had referred to the Inside Edition contributor as “sir.”

“Chain Reaction” host Mike Catherwood, scolded Shapiro for knowing what he said would be “insulting” and “inflammatory” to Tur. But Shapiro countered by saying, “It’s not a matter of insulting or inflammatory. It’s a fact. You are a male. Dr. Drew is a male.”

He added: “How he feels on the inside is irrelevant to the question of his biological self.”

Tur allegedly continued his threatening behavior toward Shapiro after the show went off the air. Tur allegedly told Shapiro he would meet him in the parking lot. But when Shapiro reached the parking lot, Tur did not show up.

On Monday, Shapiro filed a police report with the Los Angeles Police Department
alleging assault and battery.

Tur’s behavior is indicative of cross-dressers and transvestites who try (and fail) to repress their aggressive male tendencies. Most trannies react with aggressive behavior or violence when others do not agree with their delusions.

These men suffer from the mental illness gender dysphoria, which makes them uncomfortable with their biological sex.

But rather than seek psychiatric treatment for their disorder, these men cloak themselves in the stereotypical feminine garb of the sex they believe the are supposed to be.

In Twitter posts on Friday, Tur defended his aggression by absurdly claiming the use of the word “sir” is violence. He also tweeted that he would like to “curb stomp” Shapiro.

So far, there is no word from Inside Edition or MSNBC condemning Tur’s violent behavior.

Imagine the headlines if Shapiro was the one who grabbed Tur by the neck and threatened him. Whether Tur thought he was disrespected, he crossed the line when he put his hands on Shaprio. And shame on Dr. Drew for not controlling his guests.

This is yet another example of the pro-gay media’s shameful bias in favor of homosexuals and cross-dressers.

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