Kandi Burruss Viewing Party

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss is expecting a baby with husband Todd Tucker. The baby will be the couple's first child together. They each have a daughter from previous relationships.

"We're so thrilled to announce the news of our bundle of joy, it's a dream come true," Kandi told E! News.

"Our daughters, Kaela and Riley, couldn't be happier about becoming big sisters," Todd added.

Kandi and Todd married in a made-for-TV ceremony in April 2014.

Kandi is also busy managing her 2 acts, girl group Glamour and the band Loud.

"Glamour and Loud are about to take the world by storm! Not only do they have great vocals, their stage presence is amazing," Kandi says. "It was a no brainer for me to sign them up to represent the next generation of artists on Kandi Koated Entertainment."

Congrats to the happy couple!

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    • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      I wonder if they used the same fertility doctor as Kim Kardashian?

    • shell

      Congrats!!! The jury is still out on how Riley feels about all of this....

    • Letmecommentbeforeicant

      They're still together…Congrats to them then.

    • Sexy CJ


    • harley_quinn2.0

      Congrats to them


      That's good I was starting to think her p$%%& didn't work


      We all know she's somewhere pissed

    • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today


      Off topic: why oh why is this channel showing all my fave Hitchcock movies this late at night n the middle of the workweek??? They just cheated my employer out of a productive day's work tomorrow ....shame on them!
      *grabs cheese nips and raspberry lemonade* :kona:

    • jusstlooking

      That's great news happy for the couple. God Bless them

    • SummerBaby

      Congrats! I seen a pic of her recently & suspected she was pregnant.

    • Angela

      Congratulations to them. ((She's going to be 500 pounds. She's already a heavyweight champion.))

    • camille worthy

      Sandra why are you no longer on Twitter ?

    • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

      Hey BOO! :hug:

    • Smartypants

      Congrats to them!

    • GuestSTAR

      Congrats to Kandi and Todd!!!!!

    • SnootyPooty

      Congrats Kandi

    • mzwhang90210

      Congrats Kandi.

    • Canary Red™


    • mzwhang90210

      What network.
      And hey *baps you on the back of the head*

    • shell

      shes going to be rolling those eyes for the next 9 months

    • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

      HDNet MV (fios)

      *ouch!* that's GONNA leave a mark! :cuss:

    • https://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      I have no clue, girl. If you find out please let me know.

    • mzwhang90210

      Thank you.

    • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

      Mmmm-hmmm... *rubs head*

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      Heh nan! I'm not an avid Hitchcock fan but enjoy them cheez nips n razz lemonade! **greedy** ?

    • whitty hutton

      Bwahahahahahahaha...so true!

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      The next 9 months plus 18 years lol

    • iWasteTime


    • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

      Whut it do Whit! :ring around the roses: :hug:

    • Liz

      Hopefully this new development will soften Mama Joyce towards Todd because he needs a break from the Queen of Spitefulness.

    • XoXo

      Cha-chng Todd! Go Todd, go Todd, go Todd! You did that!

    • SummerBaby

      Sad to admit I thought the same thing.

    • XoXo

      The overweight lovers in the house!

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      Awwwwwweeee!! Look at Tawwwwad.

    • T3

      I told my moma she's preggars and that was then first thing she said lol

    • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

      I hope the marital issues were all for the cameras for that child's sake. Congrats to them and I hope the pregnancy and delivery are healthy and complication free.

    • DopeRhymesYo

      Her feets gon be even chubbier ??

    • esh

      well said. amen.

    • smartchickfl

      Congrats Kandi:)

    • Renee Bee

      Hee hee hee. That made me giggle.

    • luVn_liFe…

      Im happy for Kandi 0_0


    • luVn_liFe…

      Good Morning . . .
      A V.M. Sandra Bland left for a guy friend was released this morning.

      Her friend said he spoke w/her after the VM as well.

    • BreakingGoood

      Congrats to them. Is Kandi absolutely sure that the girls are excited?

    • OpinionHated

      I wish them well... Her mother is someplace laying down roots and chicken feet cause you know she don't want them to have no baby....

    • OpinionHated

      After watching "The Girl" I loathed Hitchcock he's a perv but man I used to love those Sunday night mysteries and at the end his big round belly self would come out with some Jerry Springer like words of wisdom....

    • ?Sugar&Spice?

      Lawd, she bout to get fatter.

    • OpinionHated

      OMG that was my first thought too - she gonna really look like a peach....

    • OpinionHated

      feet gonna look like medical gloves filled with water.....

    • ?Sugar&Spice?


    • WetPntees

      I know I forgot my glasses this morning but..... Is that a CORN on Kandi's pinky finger??? O_0

    • whitty hutton

      Kandi's legs are gonna look like an elephant's
      Share Gif: http://media0.giphy.com/media/H3Fv074RPfgK4/200w.gif

    • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

      They're probably excited in the way that all self centered teenagers are excited about things that aren't completely about them and they don't benefit from in some way. You know, barely ?

    • Lenina Just Lenina



      I always phone post but truss I'm using evahry thang to open up and configure this pic!!!!:')))))))))

    • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

      *tosses DVD collection and tv out the window*
      Now, what had happened Opie? :facepalm:

    • babygirlzzz

      At Almost 40 and accomplished with child....why on earth start over?? But I'm happy for her though ?

    • R in NYC

      Lawd.....why do peeps insist on having babies to save shakey relationships? Dude is an opportunist and Khandi's emotional a$$ better have an iron-clad pre-nup.

    • http://www.Samanthagwrites.com Samantha G.

      Are groups still hot?! Congrats to Kandi, she's been wanting this for a while ????

    • http://www.Samanthagwrites.com Samantha G.

      That's what I was thinking ?. She's been the only child forever and wasn't happy when Todd's daughter moved in but ok


      Im entire reaction

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      But he told her...nevermind. And then the kids said...nevermind. Mama Joyce...nevermind. I wish them the very best.

    • JerseyMom

      Now she can pimp her coochie and fetus for a #RHOA storyline.

    • Nelleoftheball

      Lmfao ur so wrong for that but ur so right

    • Nanny

      I see the fat shaming b*tches are up early this morning. I thought I wouldn't have to see this crap until Kim K started showing. How original.

    • LabellaMior

      I can see momma Joyce bulldog face all contorted with that mug she be having. Congrats tho.

    • suganspice68

      She is bound to be feeling jeaulous,Riley was used to being spoiled since she was born.I am so happy for Kandi and Todd,!!!

    • Alex


    • Alex

      Lawddd Momma Joyce bout to have a fit.. Dat Damn Tawwwd got her daughter preggo!!! lmao I wish I could be a fly on the wall at her aunts house when all of them gather to talk about it..lol

    • Monica Joanne

      I love ? me some Kandi! Congrats ?

    • Sincerity7

      I wonder if it's going to be short with a big head so Mama Joyce can talk about it.

    • Dr.Rue

      Riley's spoiled tale and Mama Joyce's crazy behind are probably already plotting about this new baby. Congrats to Kandi and Todd though but look out lol

    • Shira Harding-James

      I love me some Kandi I really do and I genuinely like Todd and I would be happy for Them I really would if I thought thier marriage was in a great place. I mean who goes to counseling after only 6 months of MARRIAGE?! Who does that....? Babies are a blessing but it can also add stress to an already fragile relationship, but congrats!

    • Lenina Just Lenina

      And spinoff.

    • Onemil02

      This is how she looked when she found out LOL

    • Vixen

      They are some selfish people. His daughter is basically grown, her daughter will be grown before you know it. To have the schedules that they have and to be the age they are and have a baby is stupid. Whose going to raise this baby, with those schedules....momma Joyce or a nanny? If they have a son, Todd's not going to be able to teach him how to throw a football. Neither one of the them have time for each other as much and they won't for this baby either. This marriage is not going to last long cause Todd loves to just up and go when he pleases and we as women know a man can't just stop what he doing for no baby. Kandi will stay crying cause she will always feel like she always spends time with the baby and he's always gone. To be set in your ways of going to sleep when you want to, leaving when you want to, I mean doing anything you want to will slow down. That poor baby will be raised by everyone else but these two. I'm not saying when you get older you shouldn't have kids but when you have situations like these it just doesn't make sense. For some reason people and it's mostly women that thinks having a baby will bring them closer together but sometimes it does just the opposite especially when the man is always 9 times out of 10 not wanting a kid especially when he's older and set in his ways. Not to mention Kandi will blow up and have a hard time losing weight which gon cause Todd to really change even during the pregnancy cause of her weight gain. Remember when they weren't having bedtime, they really not gon be having bedtime in a few months...more counseling not gon help this marriage.

    • MeonlyMe

      I love Kandi congratulations to them. :)

    • Skinny Dip

      Khandi is hot right now, pregnancy may slow her down. Todd gonna have to get a job. Lol. Khandi need to check out skinnydipclothing. Com for the pregnancy bathing suits. I did and I look great on the beach, belly and all!

    • Desiree