Tameka Raymond and Kandi Burruss

Yesterday, I wrote a post about entrepreneur Tameka Raymond “crawling back” to reality TV star Kandi Burruss to beg her forgiveness. As I explained to Tameka when I bumped into her at the mall yesterday, I often sprinkle my posts with humorous references and kernels of truth to keep my readers entertained.

Tameka explained that she and Kandi fell out when Kandi revealed that she had the hots for Tameka’s ex-husband, Usher Raymond. Tameka rightfully wondered if Kandi lusted after Usher while Tameka and Usher were still married. Any woman would want to know if her friends low-key desire her man.

Friends say Kandi watches her husband like a hawk — never letting him out of her sight except to use the restroom. Probably because Kandi knows how she (allegedly) lusted after married men back in the day. Most men cheat with women who are friends or co-workers.

Tameka and Kandi will discuss their misunderstanding during Kandi Koated Nights tonight at 10:00pm, EST, on http://tgitv.com/

The following is an excerpt from the transcript of tonight’s show:

KANDI BURRUSS: I was on the show with Andy, Watch What Happens Live one year and he said… They wanted me to say that I had a celebrity crush. So I was like, “I don’t have a celebrity crush,” but they were like, “Ok, just say somebody.” But I wanted to say somebody who was Black and successful.
Kandi: Which at the time was Usher.
Tameka: Oh!
Kandi: Y’all were not together anymore.
Tameka: It doesn’t matter.
Kandi: Why doesn’t it matter?
DJ-Aone: Damn!
Tameka: Hold on, let me tell you why it doesn’t matter.
Nikki Nicole: Let me take a sip

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