This should please those of you who think fighting over a flag takes priority over the bigger issues that plague black America, such as black-on-black crime or rising HIV rates among black men and women.

As you know, the uproar over the Confederate flag began last month after photos surfaced online of church shooter Dylan Roof waving the flag.

From the NY Post:

The South Carolina Senate voted Monday to remove the Confederate flag from a pole on the Statehouse grounds, though the proposal still needs approval from the state House and the governor.

The bill requires a two-thirds vote in each chamber; the Senate approved it 37-3. Gov. Nikki Haley has said she wants the flag to come down and will sign the bill.

Monday’s vote comes less than a week after the 15th anniversary of South Carolina taking the flag off the Capitol dome where it flew since the early 1960s and moving it to beside a monument honoring Confederate soldiers.

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