Kevin Hart and kids

5 years ago, comedian Kevin Hart ruffled feathers in the LGBT community when he joked that his biggest fear is his son growing up gay.

Kevin Hart and kids

5 years later, Hart is not backing down from his beliefs or apologizing for his honesty.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Hart said:

"It's about my fear. I'm thinking about what I did as a dad, did I do something wrong, and if I did, what was it? Not that I'm not gonna love my son or think about him any differently. The funny thing within that joke is it's me getting mad at my son because of my own insecurities — I panicked. It has nothing to do with him, it's about me. That's the difference between bringing a joke across that's well thought-out and saying something just to ruffle feathers."

He added:

"I wouldn't tell that joke today, because when I said it, the times weren't as sensitive as they are now. I think we love to make big deals out of things that aren't necessarily big deals, because we can. These things become public spectacles. So why set yourself up for failure?"

I'm not mad at him. HIV rates among the gay male population continues to soar. Gay males lead new HIV infections while the HIV infection rates for black women and heterosexuals have declined.

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    • Dr.Rue

      His kids are sooo kevin must really be a shortie though because his daughter is damn near to his shoulder and she's like 8 lol

    • Sassy

      Hi everyone just stopped in to say hi i missed you guys

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      I wouldn't mind my son growing up gay. Flaming gay. Not the could be could be not kind, they're no fun? The more confused the better?? We'll be able to share clothes, I can't wait??????????

    • Fendi

      No shade to anyone who is gay, but I imagine many parents would be fearful or think they failed their child if their child grew up and disclosed they are gay to their parents. It isn't like you can change it, but for people of faith, I don't think you ever feel a lack of responsibility for your child or their soul. It isn't always about what happens on earth, but what happens when you transition. I understand his concerns.

    • YouIsPettyYouIsMessyYouIsExtra

      Hey Sas. I just popped in really quick too. I could use a long nap :yawn:

    • JennyJazzhands

      I like Kevin. Because I think he's hilarious and because we are the same height. My question is, why just his son and not his daughter?

    • Smartypants

      Lol this has always been my stance, too. Like let's go get our nails done!

    • DDNY

      whether you are gay or straight or in between. U MUST PRACTICE SAFE SEX. PERIOD

    • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

      Whale, that's his opinion. He wants some grands :shrug:
      Can't please everyone with your statements.

    • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

      Hey Sassy. Stay awhile, be happy, we in ah gay post :D

    • Tippie Toes

      Good for Kevin - I didn't want the same for mine.

    • Smartypants

      He seems like a great father. I doubt that if his son was gay, that he'd love him less or disown him. Torrei wouldn't have that.

    • SummerBaby

      I think his son more so based on male ego & bravado.

    • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

      Hit it Baby D,
      You bean staying outta trouble? Hmmm
      How's Dad doing?

    • KayDot

      I don't want my son growing up that way either...

    • DDNY

      i let someone use my shower and when they got out, i said spray it with bleach so u dont pass on athletes foot. they said "I dont have athletes foot" i said how do i know? He says "U know me" UH UH I DONT KNOW ISH! I SAID I HOPE THATS NOT HOW TRUSTING U ARE?!

    • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

      WHALE, we need more bykeground info THAN THIS!

    • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

      I'm reposting this, so that you can see this later:

      Hit it Baby D,
      You bean staying outta trouble? Hmmm
      How's Dad doing?

    • smartchickfl

      He's entitled to feel however he wishes regarding his child.

    • DDNY

      I set myself up for that. but thats all i can give, to protect the innocent. but i was very upset that he thinks cus he 'KNOW' someone they are going to be upfront and honest. i know husbands tht have infected wives. TRUST NO ONE. HELL I WILL SWAB MY HUSBAND MOUF WIT A ORAQUICK TEST.

    • my view

      I don't see anything wrong with what he said

    • SummerBaby

      The visual in my head of this scene is hilarious ?

    • teresa david

      So what I would say the same thing!!!!

    • smartchickfl

      I think it's because most straight men probably couldn't stomach the thought of their grown arse son bent over screaming cause he can't take the d ?.

    • Lovezoe

      Stopping in to say hi. Had a biopsy today. Keep your Rose in your prayers

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      ??? Yeah it's hard to say anything without knowing if he's circumcised or not?? Does he use condoms in the gold wrappa? Does he require recreprication after a trip down town??? Does he eat a?s? Like his ate? Lemme fix me a margarita and please be as spaCifik as possible.thanx??

    • luVn_liFe…

      U R in my prayers ZOE!

      I find nothing wrong w/what Kev said. I don't want my son to be gay,who does?

      His baby girl looks just like her mother. CUTIE

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      Will Smith statement on divorce. I told Yall if it ain't on TMZ it ain't real.

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      Sending prayers your way. By his stripes you're healed.

    • DDNY

      yea we were going back and forth. i was just smh

    • DYmondgurl

      My King has spoken she SAID!! Awwww

    • DDNY

      gold rapper- yes
      he is fresh meat, very yung so too soon to tell. he wuld probaly do all that 4me

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      Girrrrrrl I am sooooooooo jelly right now? Get it girl! Get it??????

    • DDNY

      well alrighty then... that was short lived. he had close friends calling him...

    • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

      Prayer said. *Hug*

    • Its Me

      I gotcha!


      His kids are ugly

    • Vagirl

      ahhh his little girl so adorbs....look just like her mama though..still love little girls and natural hair...

    • Ruby shine

      Google Kevin Hart's remarks about dark skinned women. I hope he doesn't make his daughter feel insecure later in life.

    • Sexy CJ

      O.K............ Kev.................................

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      and the pic of him in his boy shorts and a mink coat. but whatever.

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      No parent wants this for their child, so I'm not sure why folks were up in arms.

    • YouIsPettyYouIsMessyYouIsExtra

      Dad is doing ok. Had another false alarm call for his transplant. But his spirits are still up.
      How are you? Any past/present stories you'd like to share? :hahaha:

    • Love Sheila

      I don't know any Man that want his son to be gay!!!

    • LovingTheMostHigh

      I don't blame him.. Everybody ain't with it! I pray mine aren't gay either ??.. And damn whoever don't agree..

    • Canary Red™

      It's done! I touch and agree with you sis! ????

    • Canary Red™

      Hey Khaki!?
      Speak that WORD!!!!!!???

    • OvertheMississippi


    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush


    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      Hayle, I don't know any gay men that want their children gay. I'm sure they would love them nevertheless. I think now the stigma isn't as great as it may have been even 5 years ago.

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      Hey boo!!

    • imright


    • 1/8

      I'm gay and I approve this message.

      - 100

    • Ladysweetthang

      So cute and they have the same lil long feet lol

    • 1/8

      The homosexual lifestyle is a lonely, dead end road, filled with pitfalls. The stigma isn't really the issue... it's other factors.

      Believe it or not, there are gay men in their 60s, 70s, and 80s trolling the streets at night looking for anonymous sex. Some of these senior citizens actually find sex partners for free. Other gay men put their lives in danger by contacting male escorts online.

      Yesterday, I discovered there is a young, black male advertising his services online. I have seen this man several times on the street, hugged up with a young woman.

      According to a tipster, the man uses different pictures and multiple profiles to lure his victims to a north side apartment. Once inside, the male escort allegedly pulls a gun on his client and robs them. I contacted the tipster and asked if he was a victim, but he hasn't responded to my email.

      More than likely, the tipster/victim is afraid to come forward because a gun was involved, the suspect knows where he lives, he has a high-profile job or the victim is married.

      I don't blame Kevin one bit!

    • Hmmm~?

      I don't think anyone, not even gay parents, would want their child to grow up gay. It'll just add so many more complications and risks to their lives, not to mention the social stigma. I'm a very open-minded person, but I don't think any 100% sane parent would want their child to grow up gay.

    • @yeuphonic

      Comparing the lives of prostitutes to the lives of gays. Carry on. #Legalizeit

    • @yeuphonic

      Same reason people don't want their children to be black. #teamlightskin #tommysotomayer #lilwayne #drakedad #nopreference #civilrights #terrencehoward #nipseyhussle #whitegirlsdoitbetter #assimilation

    • ?Sugar&Spice?

      All that money and look at the little girls hair? DF is that? Lazy parents do braids...but at least make them cute.


      Look how he's holding that phone ? Kevin fear no more your son will be playing for the same team ??

    • 1/8

      Most male prostitutes are gay or bisexual. I also mentioned the older gay men who become victims, because once they get too old to find free companionship, they have to patronize male prostitutes.

      Back in the day, there was a sense of community and family among black gay men. People talked to one another and looked out for each other. Now? Not so much.

    • eljjai

      His daughter looks like those cute baby dolls you see but in brown. Just want to pinch her cheeks. It's a pity her father is Kevin hart with his hatred for women who look just like his little girl. I'll say a prayer for her self esteem.

    • eljjai

      Eeew. *pours mind bleach*

    • eljjai

      said the exac same thing.

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      Damn. But...Damn. When truth hurts?

    • Meme81

      Kevin needs to worry about his son growing past 4 feet. Height is not on his side.

    • Meme81

      Agreed. Why would any parent want their child to be discriminated in multiple ways? He will have a hard enough time as a black man without adding gay as well.

    • fRAktal Reality

      Why is there a discussion TODAY of what Hart said in his STAND-UP COMEDY ROUTINE 5 years ago? I don't follow. Why is It reported as though he made those SPECIFIC comments recently? Journalists NEVER fail to demonstrate stupidity for a sensational story line.

    • Enoughsaid2020

      He is just being a father, and sharing his thoughts. His kids are too cute!

    • AListDiva29

      So basically he's worried that if his son is gay, he'll look like a bad parent? People need to stop caring so much what everyone else thinks, and just live they damn life!

    • LittleAJ

      Looks like I'm in the minority on this, but I think this is ignorant as f###
      Who cares about who your kid is screwing as long as they're being safe and are loved? When I have kids my concerns will be far from their sex life. Are they healthy? Are they happy? Are they doing well in school? Will they be successful later in life? That's what I want for my kid. Forget all the other bs

    • ODB63

      From what I hear being gay and black makes your life double hard so why would anybody want their kid to deal with that?


      What the hell is Kevin talking about? He acts just like a lil black flaming queen! And everybody knows that he had to screw some studio executive to become a star with that limited acting ability and comedic ability. Take a seat Kevin!

    • chappedlippz

      Kevin Hart has the right to his own opinions, even if they are not the norm!!!!