Taco Bell

A Taco Bell worker has been fired for scrawling the word 'PIG' on tacos ordered by an officer and his fiancée.

KAKE News reports the company apologized to the officer and his fiancée for the worker's insensitive behavior.

The incident happened on Saturday at a Taco Bell in Newton, KS. The couple placed their order for 5 tacos at the drive thru window.

The worker wrote "PIG" on 2 of the food wrappers and handed the order to the officer.

After discovering the offensive writing on their food the couple called the restaurant and spoke with the manager.

"I was told I could bring the 5 tacos back and she would have them remade," the couple told KAKE News. "I advised her that we were both working and that wasn't an option. She then said she would leave a note to refund our money and get the food remade."

Taco Bell's corporate office was moved to do more than just refund the money.

"We’ve of course apologized to him, all the Newton Police officers and, in fact, everyone in the community,” Jeff Graves, senior director of operations for Taco Bell, told KAKE News. “We do not share the same belief or view as the employee whatsoever,” Graves said. “Our company, Taco Bell, has always been pro-law enforcement, military. We’ve always supported the police in our community. Many of our restaurants give police discounts when they come in and eat.”

Tensions between the police and the black community continues to escalate following a series of high profile police shooting deaths of unarmed black men.

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    • Ruby shine

      They lucky all they got was a firing. Shoot ain't know way in hell I'm gonna risk being "Mike Browned", "Sandra Blanded", or" Eric Garnered", these days & that's with camera & video evidence. Oh no sir, I will not give the po-po's a reason. ??

    • DDNY

      is this a trap? am i supposed to feel sum sorta way?

    • luVn_liFe…

      Now Are they sure it wasn't meant to signify it's Pork??

    • iWasteTime

      Sandra was Clifford on CNN today, speaking the truth?

    • DDNY

      luvie, there beef it says it on the receipt.

    • iWasteTime

      This is why I miss you!!

    • DYmondgurl

      This was my initial thought ...especially since it was on only two of 'em
      im jess sayn tho this would not have happen if they stayed in their lane at Dunkin!

    • Buttercup

      Now he's out of $8.75 an hour for stupidity.

    • luVn_liFe…

      that's what min.wage is??

    • DDNY

      didnt they just raise min wage?

    • luVn_liFe…

      lol :0)

    • luVn_liFe…

      aint you just so observant. :-)
      Well I tried to help em make it.

    • Buttercup

      Did they? I've been blessed to never work minimum wage, so I really have no idea what it is.

    • Buttercup

      Dang, I was too generous. It's $7.25.

    • DDNY

      maybe its a state by state thing but where i live at i believe it will be raised to 10.00. i need me a fas food job!

    • Miany

      Heyyyyy Luvn :hug: hey ruby, ddny, iwaste, Dymond, Buttercup (roll call for old times sake)

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    • luVn_liFe…

      Hey Babes. . . help me out here, min.wage is $7 damn dollars???

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      Going home to make quesidilla's and drink myself 2 Sleep. ttyl

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      Girl thats what Im eating now! These Quesadillas from Yesterday are it!

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      i will. i like shrimp, spinach w/ cheese. this time adding sauteed mushrooms. top w/ sour cream.

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      Take me bak to the ol'days lol

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      yea baby! i dibble and dabble. i love fresh stuff

    • Smartypants

      The officer didn't care about his fiancee no way. He took them to Taco Bell.....5 Tacos? Ew.

      Once I went to McDonald's and there was an entire weave track in the bag.

      I'm making veggie lasagna tonight. Why didn't nobody warn me bout the stores today? Chile...my local grocer had EVERYONE on payroll working and the lines were still backed up.

    • I’m good

      Now we all know that doughnuts come pre licked! ?? It ain't safe in these fast food streets outchea no more. ?

    • EatTheCakeAnnaMae

      Right, feeding her ass that dog food wrapped in a old ass tortilla.

    • luVn_liFe…

      Ohhh Yew fancee

    • side_i

      Hahahaha, funny but not funny.

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    • Imperfectly_perfect

      All I have to say is this: ??

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      I might be a post late....But.

      So...is someone gonna get Drake? Out wearing a damn Free Meek tshirt? He already DEAD Aubrey. Stawp.

      No dont?

    • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

      Aren't they both officers? I don't know. I thought maybe so if they had to get back on the beat. No pun intended.

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      I mean he has no chill at all!!

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      Man i just saw the damn video.
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    • http://sandrarose.com SandraRose

      Yes. It's $15 an hour.

    • Gabriella Greentree

      In most states the raise won't take place for a few more years

    • 1/8

      How did the employee know the customer was a cop?

      The article says the officer and his girlfriend placed the order through a drive-thru window.

      In most cases, civilians aren't allowed in police cars unless they are being detained, arrested or have written permission from the department to ride along.

      Furthermore, using a taxpayer funded vehicle to drive your girlfriend around and pick up fast food, is a no-no.

      Was the cop in a private vehicle and still in uniform? Is the cop's girlfriend a police officer, too?

    • 1/8

      That would be an excellent defense if Taco Bell sold pork burritos, but they only make beef and chicken.



    • Hmmm~?

      I've seen plenty of cops out at restaurants and various other places with their girlfriend/children while still in uniform. I don't know if they arrived there in a police car or not, though.

    • Raquelle Dellaghetto

      Yes, let's call all cops PIGS, and call all blacks are IRRATIONAL..

    • 88

      Well Taco Bell is for pigs.

    • Bayou Classic

      It's actually monkey meat ????

    • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

      Its horse meat lol

    • Bayou Classic

      It's horse monkey and pig meat! ??

    • http://yeuphonic.com @yeuphonic

      That's the plan. Keep them in fear


      So the employee was black?

    • sunni_daze

      Maybe they meant to write pork on the taco.

    • Nia

      I would've did the same thing. Fuck the police and their racist power hungry asses. I respect none of them. America sucks because with all of the black lives being lost, no one does anything about it. America is not the home of the brave, it's the home of the racist.

    • fRAktal Reality

      What was the race of the terminated employee?

    • Zizzle

      A refund? They probably didn't pay for the food in the first place.

    • chappedlippz