Charles Arianna Evans

The 9-year-old boy who became the face of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina is now a transsexual.

Among the thousands of New Orleans residents who were trapped inside the Superdome by Katrina’s surging floodwaters was little Charles Evans, who rode out the storm with his great-grandmother, Ophelia.

When news crews descended on the Superdome in the aftermath of Katrina, Charles knew exactly what to do. He peered into a TV camera and said, “We just need some help out here! It is just so pitiful!”

Now 19, Charles goes by the name Arianna Evans, and he’s a certified nursing assistant who started taking female hormones this May.

In an interview with NBC News, Evans said he started thinking about “transitioning” when he was in high school. He said the transition into a drag queen has not been easy.

“There are folks who are against it and attack our kind,” he said.

“I think it was always apparent,” said Wanda Felton, an investment banker who took young Charles under her wing and provided emotional and financial support to him and his great grandmother. “I was never uncomfortable with it — it was just who he was.”

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