Serena Williams and Drake

Once again the blogs were duped by gossip tabloid

TMZ published photos of tennis superstar Serena Williams and bisexual rapper Drake looking very comfy at dinner in Cincinnati.

TMZ claimed Serena and Drake were kissing in the photos. Of course, the blogs ran with TMZ’s misinterpretation of the photos.

But the NY Post did some fact checking and spoke with a source in Serena’s camp who confirmed that TMZ is desperate for blog hits.

From the NY Post’s Page Six:

“Serena briefly dated Drake around 2011 and even though it didn’t end that well, they have remained friends since. He has been at her side at a lot of tournaments recently, including Wimbledon in July, where he sat in her box next to her sister Venus.

“Serena is single at the moment and is focused on winning the US Open, and making history.”

You still have a chance, fellas… to get with Serena, I mean.