Wal-Mart is the first major U.S. retailer to capitalize on the hoverboard scooter craze. The skateboard hoverboards were made popular by artists such as rapper Wiz Khalifa who was yanked off his hoverboard and cuffed by airport security at LAX.

Wal-Mart secured the rights from American importer IO Hawk to sell hoverboard scooters stateside this Christmas.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also negotiated for the rights to sell the hoverboards, described as a “hands-free Segway,” in the U.S. But his deal was struck with Chinese inventer Shane Chen, who claims he created the first version of the hoverboard scooters in China. But no one really knows who came up with the original concept.

The billionaire “Shark Tank” star told Buzzfeed he plans to sue Wal-Mart for patent infringement.

Chris Brown spotted in Cannes on a scooter

Cuban told Buzzfeed [Wal-Mart] is “in for a nightmare,” if they don’t cease and desist plans to sell the hoverboard scooters this Christmas.

Chen has already filed a patent lawsuit against IO Hawk.

Wal-Mart’s scooters will go on sale as planned on Nov. 1st. Initially, hoverboards will be sold online only.

A quick search on eBay returned nearly 2,000 versions of the popular two wheeler hoverboards on sale as cheap as $180.

Other stars seen riding hoverboard scooters include actor Jamie Foxx, singers Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, rapper Meek Mill, and NBA star J.R. Smith.

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