Former Cosby kid Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who played Bill Cosby’s son Theo Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” says his former co-star tarnished the show’s image.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Warner said, “My biggest concern is when it comes to images of people of color on television and film, no matter what … negative stereotypes of people of color, we’ve always had ‘The Cosby Show’ to hold up against that.”

Cosby 78, is scheduled to give a deposition today in a civil lawsuit filed by Judy Huth, who claims Cosby sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion.

50 women have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual assault.

Warner said he spoke to Cosby recently, but he declined to share what they discussed.

“I think the things that we discussed really have to stay private between us. But it’s just a bad situation all around — for him, for his family, the women, their families, the legacy of the show,”