Rapper Boosie just announced he has kidney cancer. The rapper posted the announcement on Instagram then deleted the post.

This is what Boosie wrote:

“I need all my fans to pray for me. Doctor just told me I have cancer on my kidneys. Prayer is power, that’s why I’m letting the world know prayfaboosie.”

Kidney cancer is rare. Only 65,000 cases of kidney cancer are reported annually in the United States. Compare that with 1.8 million lung cancer diagnoses reported in 2012. Kidney cancer accounts for only 2% of all cancer cases reported in the U.S.


The factors that are at high risk for kidney cancer include family history of kidney cancer, smoking, taking over the counter NSAIDs pain medicine (Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, Naprosyn); hepatitis C, and dialysis.


Signs and symptoms include abdominal distention, abdominal mass (hard or soft), abdominal pain, blood in urine.


Treatment for kidney cancer depends on the stage of cancer (1-4). Treatment includes chemotherapy and radiation, cancer drugs and immunotherapy, partial or total nephrectomy (removal of affected kidney).

5-year survival rate is 73% in the U.S.