Perez Hilton, Steve Harvey Miss Colombia

Miss Universe judge Perez Hilton had a few unkind words to say about Miss Colombia and Steve Harvey‘s hosting skills during the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant.

As you know, Harvey announced the wrong winner as Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez instead of Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach during Sunday night’s live telecast.

Perez, 37, took offense at Miss Colombia’s “diva attitude” after the show, when she posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing the crown along with a caption that read: “FOREVER YOUR MISS UNIVERSE!! COLOMBIA !!!!!!!”

She later deleted the image, but Perez was livid during a Monday morning appearance on Good Morning America.

As a judge — and I’m looking at everything that happened, I see her posting on Instagram that she’s the true winner,” said Perez. “There’s a reason — many reasons — that she didn’t win.”

Perez also accused Gutierrez of acting like a “bitch” toward her translator during the pageant, according to Page Six.

“I don’t know if the people at home could see this, but Miss Colombia was being a straight-up diva bitch. “[She was] rude to her translator. She was giving the most awful side-eye, throwing major shade … Miss Colombia was not happy with the pace or the way that the translator was translating.”

He added: “She came across not just to me, but several of the other judges [as] bitchy and arrogant. It was that Miss Philippines gave a better answer.”

Perez reserved some of his harshest criticism for host Steve Harvey. He said Harvey did not read the wrong information off the teleprompter, as many had assumed.

“He just didn’t do his job well, period.” Hilton said. “There is a [tele]prompter but the moment where he crowns the winner isn’t on the prompter because that moment, they don’t want the other girls to know, so it was just on his card and he read it incorrectly.”

FOX News host Harris Faulkner theorized that Harvey tried to memorize the names on the card and simply forgot the proper order.

An insider told Entertainment Tonight that Harvey missed the last hour or rehearsals — where he should have practiced announcing the winner.

“Steve went to the beginning of rehearsals, but missed the last hour, at least,” the source said. “He did not practice the ending.”

But at least one Steve Harvey supporter still has his back.

Harvey’s lovely wife, Instagram fashion blogger Marjorie Harvey, wrote “You are a Stand Up Man and A True Class Act the way you went back out on the stage on live TV and took full responsibility alone. I am so proud to be your wife! I love you.”

Steve and Marjorie Harvey