Hillary Clinton Karen Civil

Karen Civil, a popular blogger-turned motivational speaker is in hot water for tweeting homophobic and anti semitic slurs.

The former record company intern and gossip blogger rebranded her image on social media using her surname as a marketing tool.

With the help of rapper Li’l Wayne and her Instagram model looks, Civil toured the country holding seminars under the slogan “Keeping it Civil.”

But Civil’s well-hidden dark side was exposed after she attached herself to Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign.

Civil got Clinton’s attention by promoting herself as a “social media influencer” with a huge following.

On the Clinton campaign’s website on Nov. 6, 2015, she wrote a post titled “I helped launch African Americans for Hillary Clinton. This is my story.”

Clinton, who is under federal investigation for maintaining an illegal home server, cut ties with Civil after BuzzFeed News published her homophobic and anti semitic slurs.

“You don’t need no faggot following you anyway,” she tweeted to a Twitter.com user in 2009.

In another tweet Civil referred to rap musician Kanye West as a “fag.”

She also described her “Jew ways” and paying “Jew prices” for food.

Civil quickly deleted the offensive tweets.

But a Hillary Clinton insider told Sandrarose.com that Clinton was “in no way associated” with Civil.

The insider pleaded with this blogger not to mention Clinton’s name in connection with Civil’s name.



Hillary Clinton Karen Civil