braeley pettigrew

A Wisconsin teenager who unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy tried to pass her baby off as abandoned.

Braeley Pettigrew, 17, told police she gave birth to the newborn in her bathroom in the middle of the night after “feeling sick.”

Braeley said she had no clue she was pregnant until the baby’s head popped out.

The teen said she thought she was having a bowel movement but was shocked to see a baby in the toilet instead.

Acting on instinct, the first-time mom took the baby out of the toilet, cut his umbilical cord and wrapped him in a blanket.

“It was just me acting on an instinct, it was to grab him out of the toilet and wrap him up and keep him warm,” she told CBS 58 News.

Braeley said she wasn’t ready to tell her mom she was a grandmother.

So, after her mother spotted blood on her clothing and called 911, Braeley told police a story about finding the infant.

After receiving support from her family and friends, the high school basketball player decided to keep the newborn and named him Kayden.

“I feel shocked, like I never thought I would be a mother at 17,” she said.