Marsha Gay Reynolds

A JetBlue flight attendant was busted in NYC after she kicked off her expensive designer heels and fled LAX Airport, leaving 70 pounds of cocaine behind.

Marsha Gay Reynolds surrendered to federal agents in New York City when she stepped off a flight at John F. Kennedy Airport on Wednesday.

Authorities say Reynolds aroused suspicion on Friday when Transportation Security Administration officials asked her to step aside at a random checkpoint at LAX.

The pretty flight attendant arrived at an LAX checkpoint in Terminal 4 wearing jeans, Gucci heels, and a winning smile.

Affixed to her black suit jacket was her JetBlue crew member badge, identifying her as a flight attendant. It’s unknown if she was on duty at the time.

Normally Reynolds breezed through airport checkpoints easily. But on Friday, it was her bad luck to be chosen for a random security screening.

TSA officials say she became nervous, glancing around quickly before pulling out her cell phone and making a call, according to the NY Post.

She was still talking on her cell phone in a foreign language as a TSA official escorted her to a secondary screening area to search her.

Upon arriving at the secondary screening area, Reynolds quickly dropped her bag, kicked off her heels and bolted from the area.

Airport security lost her when she fled in her stocking feet down an upward-moving escalator.

Reynolds, who was a runner-up in Miss Jamaica World 2008, is charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute. She is being held without bond.

Officials estimate the kilos of cocaine in her carry-on luggage were worth $3 million on the street.

The New York resident is expected to make her first court appearance on Thursday.

It’s common knowledge that one of the perks of being a flight attendant is earning tens of thousands of dollars by ferrying cocaine through customs in their carry-on luggage.

Reynolds’ drug bust may force the TSA to change its policy of not searching the bags of flight crews at all airport checkpoints.