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Remember when parents taught their children how to read and write and ride bikes? Times have changed. Now every child over the age of 4 has a smartphone and takes an average of 150 selfies a day with it. I'm not making that up. Google it.

This teenage mom was teaching her adorable son how to take selfies when the unthinkable happened. View the shocking video after the break.

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Some things, such as virginity and abstinence, are still sacred at Heritage Academy, a small Christian school in Maryland.

The school is under fire for upholding it's Christian values by preventing a pregnant student from walking in the upcoming graduation ceremony.

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Black Twitter is having a field day with this Twitpic of a young mother and her doppelgänger daughters. I'm guessing the mom is on the right, since she's the one in the driver's seat and the other 2 look too young to drive.

The mystery is solved…

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