monica brown

Monica Brown‘s husband Shannon Brown responded to cheating allegations with a strongly worded post on Instagram Monday night.

The 30-year-old father-of-two took to his Instragram account to address the allegations after a 2nd Instagram model came forward claiming the former L.A. Laker fathered her two children.

Shannon posted an photo of a totaled Bentley along with the caption:

“I survived this, so you already know I could give two f*cks about the lies they tell or the people that believe them. I got my own back. #InCaseYouWasWondering”

monica brown

Like the first groupie who claimed to be Brown’s mistress, the 2nd groupie failed to provide substantial proof to back up her allegations.

Suitable proof includes text messages (showing a partially obscured phone number) or photographs of Brown or his personal property. Without these receipts, neither groupie can be taken seriously.

But something is amiss between Shannon and Monica.

According to a close family source Monica and her children have been staying with her mother, Marilyn Best, temporarily, while she and Shannon work out their differences. Mo also removed her wedding ring during an appearance in Raleigh, NC over the weekend.

monica and marilyn best

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old R&B Diva posted a video of her son, Romelo, riding a 4-wheeler with Shannon’s mother, Sandra Brown, at Shannon and Monica’s Atlanta home on Monday. The video was shot by Monica’s 10-year-old son Rocko.

sandra brown and romelo

The source speculates that Sandra Brown is staying at Shannon’s house to cook and clean for her son since Mo moved out temporarily.

Watch the video below.