monica brown

Monica Brown's husband Shannon Brown responded to cheating allegations with a strongly worded post on Instagram Monday night.

The 30-year-old father-of-two took to his Instragram account to address the allegations after a 2nd Instagram model came forward claiming the former L.A. Laker fathered her two children.

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R&B Diva Monica released another track from her upcoming CD Still Standing. There's been so many leaks from that album that I feel like I've heard the entire thing already. I'm going to reserve my opinion on this track. But I will say I wish producer Missy Elliott would STFU and stop screaming all over Mo's records. Missy, hon, you are not Sean Combs! And when was the last time you produced a hit?

Oh, by the way, I had an interesting conversation last week with one of Monica's close family friends about Monica's flamboyant makeup artist, who calls himself Christian Belanciaga or Geisha Boii.

It seems that this family friend has never seen Christian with his full makeup on. She was shocked when she ran into him at a recent party. She claims she never knew he was even gay! How many times have I heard that?

Apparently Geisha Boii (picture above) knows just when to butch up and act manly (after all, this is Atlanta where over half the population is gay or down low).

The family friend told me, "I see him over at Marilyn's [Mo's mother's] house when he comes for dinner and he looks nothing like that!"

The friend theorizes that Geisha Boii would never disrespect Miss Marilyn -- the wife of a pastor -- by parading around her home in full homolicious regalia. The family friend also thinks Geisha Boii is just putting on for the cameras: Monica just wrapped shooting on her reality TV series over the weekend.

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