carlin williams

Carlin Q. Williams, the Colorado Supermax prisoner who claims to be the “sole heir” of pop icon Prince Rogers Nelson, once rapped about killing his absentee father.

Rapping under the moniker Prince Dracula, Williams fantasized about killing Prince on the song “Slo Life”: “I’m a maniac / I stare Prince in his tits / And I stop his nerves from jumping / I just cut him to bits / Now could you imagine killing the man who brought you into this life?”

The Daily Beast — It’s unclear when the catchy rhymes were published on ReverbNation, but a relative of Williams, Yng Henson, was posting Facebook links to Prince Dracula’s music as early as 2013. Another now-defunct link was posted in 2010.

In a bombshell court filing this week, the felon claims his mother, Marsha Henson, met Prince in the lobby of a Kansas City, Missouri hotel in July 1976. The pair allegedly swilled wine before heading to another hotel to have sex.

Henson claims she didn’t have intercourse six weeks before meeting the “Purple Rain” hitmaker and didn’t have sex again until after Williams was born.

If Williams is indeed the rock singer’s only son, he serves as a perfect example of a boy growing up without a father who turns to the streets to find acceptance and belonging.