Bruce Jenner

Former Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner covers Sports Illustrated magazine 40 years after his last cover as the Olympic decathlon winner in 1976.

Jenner, 66, appears on ‘SI’s “Where Are They Now?” cover wearing a cullote jumpsuit and his Olympic gold medal around his neck.

Public interest in Jenner’s feminine clothing fetish decreased in the months after he came out as cross-dresser “Caitlyn Jenner” on Vanity Fair magazine in April 2015.

At the time he said, “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.”

What followed was an intense media campaign aimed at convincing the general public that the clumsy 6′ 2″ father-of-6 was no different from any other biological female.

The campaign flopped when Jenner’s reality show, I Am Cait, was cancelled due to poor ratings.