Atlanta cop

The crime rate in Atlanta is spiraling out of control. Worrisome statistics shows a spike in violent crimes, from 59 shootings in all of 2015 to 85 shootings in the first half of 2016.

It’s easy to blame President Obama’s open borders policy as a major factor in the increased murder rate in metro Atlanta.

But Atlanta’s mayor Kasim Reed and the Atlanta Police Department are also taking the blame for the high crime rates.

One of Atlanta’s finest was caught sleeping on the job over the busy 4th of July weekend.

The photo of the black cop nodding off in a patrol unit was uploaded to by @EverythingGeorgia.

The APD was quick to calm the public’s fears by noting that the officer is being dealt with.

“We have identified him and are taking appropriate action,” the Atlanta PD noted in a Twitter post.

How embarrassing for that cop’s family.