Ana Montana

Remember when blogger broke the news about rap mogul T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris splitting up?

Well, it appears there was some truth to that rumor.

It seems that T.I. is soliciting the sources of a well-known escort (read: prostitute).

An anonymous hotel employee in Atlanta reached out to with a very detailed (and juicy) email describing “an altercation” that went down in the hotel where he works.

I won’t go into any more details on the altercation because the information can be traced back to the employee who begged for anonymity because he fears losing his job.

But I will say that the hotel employee has receipts that shows T.I. was a registered guest (under his government name) and that a female’s name was added to T.I.’s room as someone who had 24/7 access to his room.

In other words, he said this female was not registered to the room. Her name was simply added as a courtesy as someone who could come and go to the room with no questions asked.

That female was not Tameka.

The female’s name is Analicia Chaves, aka Ana Montana. She is a former member of Miami’s infamous prostitution ring, Taz’s Angels.

Apparently she is known to travel overseas to offer her prostitution services to foreign ballers.

Chaves was one of the video models in T.I.’s “Dope” music video and they run in the same circles.

Interestingly, the altercation in the hotel went down about a week prior to T.I. and Tameka going on vacation together with their children.

After reading (the rather long) email, I reached out to a friend (another blogger) who follows Analise’s Snapchat.

Thanks to the blogger’s detective skills we know that Analicia is currently in New York.

Here’s the sad part: T.I. is also in New York, where he was a guest on ‘The View’ this morning.

The blogger told me that Ana’s last Snapchat activity was at 8:27 p.m. last night. And after that she went off the grid.

The blogger told me she saw a NY cab in one of Analicia’s Snapchat streams from last night.

My friend said Ana tried to play it off like she’s in NY with the brother of hip hop moguls Akon and Bu Thiam — a young baller who goes by the username Bassforreal on Instagram.

But after checking his Snapchat, it appears Bassforreal wasn’t with Ana last night.

It saddens me to report all of this because T.I. has been a good friend of the blog. My readers have benefitted from his generosity and goodwill over the years.

But T.I. pretends to be a loving husband and father while soliciting the services of a known escort. Both T.I. and Tameka are friends of my blog. I don’t want to drag him, but based on the email that I received, I think it’s only right to put this out there so she will know.

FYI: I reached out to my source within the camp to discuss the contents of the email, but no one returned my calls.