Breaion King

The violent arrest of a black female school teacher in Texas last year is under investigation by the Austin Police Department.

Breaion King, 26, was pulled over for speeding in June 2015. Dashcam video captured Officer Bryan Richter body slam King to the ground and aggressively handcuffing her.

“Don’t stand up,” Richter orders King, who cries out in pain and protests the rough treatment.

“He’s treating me like shit. I didn’t do anything. I’m a black woman,” she tells another officer. “I want a black police.”

King requested a different officer to transport her to the police precinct because she didn’t trust Richter.

That officer, — Patrick Spradlin — confided in King that white people are afraid of the black community due to the black race’s “violent tendencies”.

Spradlin told King: “99 percent of the time, when you hear about stuff like that, it is the black community that’s being violent”.

He added: “That’s why the white people are afraid of them, and I don’t blame them”.

King’s resisting arrest charge was later dismissed after the Travis County District Attorney’s office reviewed the videos.

She paid $165 for the speeding ticket.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said, “After reviewing both videos, I and our leadership team were highly disturbed and disappointed in both the way Ms. King was approached and handled and in the mind-set that we saw on display in those videos.” He added, “But there is another piece, which has caused concerns as to our review process and the systems we have in place.”

“As an immigrant… it’s pretty offensive to me that there are people in this world who think that way,” said Chief Acevedo.

In an interview with the Austin American-Statesman, King said she asked Officer Spradlin “a lot of questions” because she wanted to understand why.

“To me what was said… it was… a racist comment,” said King, who retained the services of an attorney.