A loyal reader sent in these detailed instructions for you men to style your upswept bun. The man-bun was all the rage last year.

Get the Look

1. Start off by adding in 18” clip in extensions for volume and length.

2. Next, prep hair with got2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm and flat iron hair in sections starting from the nape of the neck working towards the top for a smooth sleek texture.

got2b Guardian Angel Balm

3. Continue by parting the top of the hair into a small semi-circle using the arch of the eyebrows for reference. Gather this top section and place into a small bun with added volume.

Smooth out flyaways with a pea size amount of Smooth ‘N Shine Polishing Instant Repair Hair Polisher.

got2b Guardian Angel Balm

4. Next, use a jumbo curling barrel to create a slight curl at the ends of the hair and brush edges with* Smooth ‘N Shine Instant Edge Smoothing Pomade

got2b Guardian Angel Balm

5. Complete the style with got2b mess-merizing texturizing hairspray for added texture and a tousled look!

got2b Guardian Angel Balm

Photo spotted on @teamcurtainscom