Shannon and Monica Brown

Once again a groupie has come forth claiming former NBA star Shannon Brown fathered her baby. And once again, the groupie does not bring receipts or even an invoice for a DNA test.

Brown, 30, is married to R&B singer Monica Brown, 35. The couple has a daughter together.

Social media brings out the worst in unprofessional groupies who run to the blogs before they run to a courthouse for a DNA test court order.

On Tuesday, Instagram blog claimed to have proof that Brown sired a daughter with another woman.

Instead, what we saw was a collection of random private messages — supposedly sent between the woman and Brown and the woman and Monica Brown’s relatives — even Mo’s bodyguard.

There were random photos of Brown that could have been culled from the Internet. And there was a graphic photo of a random, but healthy, man’s private parts.

IOB claims the woman gave birth to a daughter 2 years ago. The woman allegedly sent Mo’s brother a photo of the pregnancy test. But did she send him a photo of a DNA test? I must have missed it.

Without a DNA test — or even a court order requesting one — this story is worthless.

We get it: Shannon Brown has a problem staying out of random women’s DMs on social media. Monica Brown was right to cut off his social media access. She should have done that a long time ago.

No married man should be communicating privately with the female species on social media.

We all know men cheat. That fact has been well-documented in the annals of human history. What we want to know is where are the receipts?

Try again, groupie!


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Shannon and Monica Brown

Shannon and Monica Brown

Shannon and Monica Brown