Zonnique Cheryl Tameka

A few weeks ago, rap star Tip “T.I.” Harris was caught with his pants down (so to speak). T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, caught him red-handed with a known prostitute at a swanky Atlanta hotel.

After exchanging words with the hooker in the lobby, Tameka went on vacation with T.I. and their children because the tickets had already been paid for and they didn’t want to upset the children.

Then Tameka got into a war of words with her daughter, Zonnique‘s stepmother, Cheryl Redmonds Pullins on Instagram.com over the weekend.

Cheryl is married to Zonnique’s father, Zebo Pullins (pictured below with Cheryl).

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During their tense exchange, Cheryl dropped the bomb by confirming the prostitute allegations against T.I..

Zonnique also got a few shots in.

The following is Part 2 of my earlier post which you can read here.

Tameka wrote:

Tameka Harris

Then Cheryl shot back:

Cheryl Redmonds

Then Tameka clapped back:

Tameka Harris

Zonnique defended her mommy:


Then Cheryl responded to Niq:

Cheryl Redmonds

To which Zonnique replied:

Cheryl Redmonds

Then Cheryl’s family had her back on Facebook:

Cheryl Redmonds