Omar Slim White

After the break, friend of the blog Omar “Slim” White shares his unique perspective on Love & relationships.

By Omar “Slim” White:

Peace & Blessings to the readers of this blog. I have a very important message to those who don’t understand the science behind their intentions.

Everything in the universe vibrates. Vibration is a word that represents movement. Within that movement contains the mathematical code representing the ESSENCE of an object. So when we study the VIBE of others we can determine the quality of their intentions.

Body language which is a science in itself deals with communication without the use of words.

You have verbal language and within verbal language you have tonality. You have body language and within body language you have pressure and position. Then you have what I call the language of GOD which is more subtle than body language as this deals with the internal communication systems.

Every living being is trapped within a mathematical matrix that binds them to this experience. In order to escape you must purify your spirit so that you can vibrate DIVINELY.

This is why the human body has a heart that produces electromagnetic frequencies which carry your intentions out into the universe. Your vessel was designed to communicate with Nature.

As I study the behavior pattern of my brothers and sisters who leave beastly comments I realize many injuries have occurred during their journey. No matter what you’ve been though in life it was designed to teach valuable lessons. Don’t allow these experiences to make you bitter and angry to a point that you miss very important jewels in life.

Theres a real science to loving thy neighbor. When you hate your brother or your sister it isn’t affecting them. It’s actually affecting you. Here’s the proof. When you look at the humanly words known as anger or jealously these words are describing emotions (energy in motion) these energies are spiritual signatures.

So my beautiful people don’t naively think simply because you dwell behind computer screens doesn’t mean you’re not projecting wicked intentions out into the universe.

Theres a spiritual taking place and this world will be destroyed at a certain point once the wickedness exceeds this point so don’t get caught up.

This is why throughout time Messengers were sent, Watchman, High Priest, Shamans, the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, the Kabbalah, MAAT and more. These resources came to teach humanity how to conduct themselves as they inhabit the planet.

All over the world you have beings who rape and molest; who kill and steal; who sexually abuse animals and more. These brothers and sisters have fallen from grace and will forever suffer untill they realize the consequences to their actions.

No matter how wicked these beings have become we must love them but we must distance ourselves.

I love you all with my highest love peace and blessings,

~ Slim