Young Thug Jerrika

Rapper Young Thug is marrying his long-suffering fiancée Jerrika Karlae. The 25-year-old rapper ruffled feathers by wearing a couture dress on his mixtape cover.

His publicity stunt succeeded in attracting more fans to his music who probably would never listen if he wasn’t wearing a dress.

The rapper, whose government name is Jeffery Lamar Williams, isn’t done being an attention whore just yet.

Jeffery hinted to Billboard magazine that he might upstage his own bride by wearing a wedding gown at his wedding.

“There will be two brides at the wedding,” said the rapper, who has 5 or 6 children by several women.

How selfish of him to take the spotlight away from his bride on the 2nd most important day of a woman’s life — second only to giving birth.

He would probably hijack childbirth, too, if he could.

Check out video of Thugga stopping a runway show during NYFW because he wasn’t getting enough attention.

As you probably guessed already, Jeffery was raised by a single mother without a man around to guide him into manhood.