Charlotte NC shooting

Charlotte, NC turned into a mini war zone Tuesday night as 100 protesters rioted following the police shooting of an armed black male.

False rumors ran wild on social media that the man was unarmed and disabled.

According to ABC News, Charlotte police went to an apartment complex about 4 p.m. to serve a warrant. Police encountered a male inside a car who was armed with a handgun.

The man — not the suspect they were looking for — got out of the car, displayed a weapon and then got back in the car. As officers approached the car with guns drawn, the man got out of the car again and displayed the gun.

The officers deemed the man a credible threat and fired multiple rounds, striking the man.

The man, identified as Keith Lamont Scott, 43, was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

As usual, the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter agitators on, called for protests before they even knew the details behind the shooting.

A large crowd gathered at the scene and began demonstrating peacefully at first.

“Some protesters were heard yelling “Black lives matter,” and “Hands up, don’t shoot!”

Within the hour, local hoodlums joined the peaceful protests and destroyed police cars. The thugs pelted police with rocks and water bottles.

One cop was struck in the face with a rock. 12 officers were reported injured in the melee.

Video footage from a news helicopter shows hoodlums jumping on the hood of a police vehicle. A news van was also vandalized.

Police in riot gear fired tear gas into the crowd to disperse the rioters.

Officer Brentley Vinson, who fired the deadly shot, has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.