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Students and their parents at a high school in Duluth, Minnesota filed lawsuits against the school district and the federal government for allowing a boy to harass their daughters in the girls restrooms and locker rooms.

The lawsuits were filed on Wednesday by at least 11 families with the assistance of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

According to the lawsuits, a boy who suffers from Gender Dysphoria was allowed to perform a sexually explicit dance routines in front of female students in girls restrooms.

The lawsuit alleges that the male student would twerk “in a sexually explicit manner—’twerking,’ ‘grinding,’ and dancing like he was on a ‘stripper pole’ to hip hop songs with explicit lyrics.

The boy also harassed the girls, commented on their body parts and asked them their bra sizes.

When girls complained to school officials about the boy’s inappropriate behavior, they were told to use alternate facilities within the school. One girl was told to use a locker room located in the school’s basement.

When another girl used a vacant boys locker room, the boy followed her in there and took off his pants in front of her and other female students.

The school district is complying with a federal mandate issued by the Obama administration forcing schools to allow boys with mental disorders to use female facilities.

Girls are instructed by school officials to be more tolerant of the boy because he, too, is a girl like them despite his male genitals.

School officials told the girls that their privacy and discomfort did not take priority over the boy’s rights to use the restroom that fits his gender expression.

“Telling girls that their privacy and modesty don’t merit a private and secure changing area is an attack on women,” said attorney Gary McCaleb of the Alliance Defending Freedom.