Danney Williams Bill Clinton

The biracial man who claims to be the illegitimate son of former President Bill Clinton is planning to file a paternity suit to demand Clinton’s DNA.

Danney Williams, 30, made the announcement in Las Vegas where the third and final presidential debate is to be held Wednesday night.

In a statement released at a press conference in Vegas on Wednesday, Williams said: “Today I have authorized my attorney’s George V. Gates IV of New Orleans and Bruce Fein of Washington, DC to file a suit in New York State where my father lives to get a judge to order a court supervised test.

“It is also our intention to name my stepmother, Hillary Clinton in this action,” he added.

Previously Williams said no DNA test was ever taken to confirm paternity, despite reports that a secret DNA test was negative.

WND.com — Accompanying the dramatic announcement is a rap music video celebrating Williams that has begun to go viral on the Internet.

“Justice for Danney Williams” is the title of the piece produced by the act Freenauts. It can be found on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

George V. Gates IV of New Orleans and Bruce Fein, of Washington, D.C., held a press conference Wednesday with Williams in Las Vegas, the site of the debate.

As WND reported last week, Williams has been trying since at least 1999 to be acknowledged as the out-of-wedlock son of former President Clinton and a black prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas.