The Sweetest Day

While perusing through my comments one day, I read a comment that mentioned the Sweetest Day holiday. Having never heard of such a holiday, I Googled it.

Sweetest Day is a holiday that began in the Northeast/Great Lakes region, specifically in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1800s.

The holiday falls on the third Saturday in October. Basically, it is similar to Valentine’s Day: a day to love on your sweetie.

In the black community Sweetest Day is celebrated as a day to spoil and pamper husbands and boyfriends. It is the one day of the year when black women will consent to being submissive to their men.

On any other day, being “submissive” is a cuss word.

Imagine if every day was Sweetest Day in the black community.

There would be no more broken homes; women would mind their men and not talk back; children would have manners and respect for their elders.

If we can do better for one day, we can do better every day.

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