Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

The 3rd and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will take place tonight at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tonight’s debate could be the deciding factor in the hotly contested battle for the White House.

Trump, 70, will enter tonight’s debate fresh off a win over his opponent Clinton, 69, in debate #2.

Clinton has seen her double-digit lead fade in recent weeks.

“The first two debates were just warm-ups for what might be the most raucous and wild debate in American history,” said Jake Thompson, an associate professor and debate coach at UNLV.

Some political analysts are predicting a 3rd round knockout over Clinton, who reportedly “can’t walk around” the stage tonight due to her rumored neurological disorders.

But not everyone is confident of Trump’s chances tonight.

“I think he’ll come out guns blazing against Bill Clinton and his infidelity,” said Erik Hertzik, chairman of the political science department at the University of Nevada, Reno. “I don’t think that will be very effective.”

Herzik warned that Trump’s promise to throw Clinton in jail if he’s elected may backfire because prosecuting Clinton may involve prosecuting her many allies in Washington D.C. political circles and the news media.

One thing is for certain: Clinton will not have the advantage of knowing the debate questions in advance like she did in debate 1.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile and TV One host Roland Martin were accused of sneaking questions to the Clinton campaign prior to the 2nd debate.

Tonight’s debate moderator, Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace, will ensure the debate is fair for both candidates.

“There’s a lot at stake here in Nevada,” said Michael McDonald, chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. “I think that both candidates will be at the top of their game. I know for a fact Mr. Trump is preparing.”

McDonald said Trump will win easily over Clinton tonight if he focuses on the issues, such as national security, jobs, and immigration, while avoiding salacious gossip about Bill Clinton’s many extramarital affairs.

“I think when you get down to it, you either have an intelligent debate or you have a National Enquirer debate,” he said, referring to the gossip tabloid.