fake preotester

When protesters took to the streets of Chicago after Donald Trump was elected president, CNN found an outraged Hillary Clinton supporter who seemed almost too perfect.

The bad acting and exaggerated body language were the first clues that CNN was up to their old tricks.

The man complained bitterly that he “wanted Hillary to win more than anybody” and he urged her to “sue the United States of America”.

Then, as if on cue, he turned to the camera and stated emphatically, “I believe in you Hillary. I’ve been to Rwanda. I’ve been to your hospital in Rwanda. I’ve seen all the good you’ve done.”

But the jig was up when CNN anchor Don Lemon admitted on air that he knew the man.

“Yeah, Ryan… I know that guy. That’s John Grkovic. He actually went to Africa with me as a cameraman,” Lemon said.

But when CNN posted the interview on the network’s YouTube channel they conveniently left out the part where Don Lemon said the guy worked as a CNN cameraman.

Hopefully, when Trump dismantles Obamacare next year, he will also scuttle this shameless propaganda outlet masquerading as a news network.