Chapecoense Soccer Club

A plane carrying the Chapecoense Soccer Club ran out of fuel and crashed outside Medelin, Colombia late Monday night.

75 passengers died in the crash of the chartered plane. 6 passengers survived the crash including 3 members of the soccer team.

31-year-old goalkeeper Marcos Danilo Padilha died after being pulled from the wreckage alive.

The other survivors included a flight attendant, an aircraft mechanic, and journalist Rafael Valmorbida.

Six journalists from Fox Sports Brazil perished in the crash.

The chartered jet operated by LaMia went down around 10 p.m. Monday while en route from Bolivia to Medelin. The pilot had just received clearance to land when the jet ran out of fuel and plummeted to the ground.

Gen. Jose Acevedo said the plane did not explode on impact due to the lack of fuel. Communications between the crew and the tower indicated there may have been electrical problems.

U.K.-based aviation analyst Alex Macheras said passengers sitting five rows from an exit are the most likely to escape a plane crash.

But he added that every flight is different, and that “Passengers should not be specifically choosing to sit somewhere in the hopes that they survive a crash.”