Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Prince Harry issued a statement to the British media over the racial undertones of press coverage of his current girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry’s communications secretary issued a letter saying “a line has been crossed” in the British media’s coverage of Ms. Markle, whose mother is black and father is Caucasian.

The statement said Harry, 32, was appreciative of the privileged life he has led and he is aware that there is “significant curiosity” about his private life.

The statement continues:

“But this past week has seen a line crossed. His girlfriend Meghan Markle, has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment. Some of this has been very public — the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces, and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

The letter went on to say “Prince Harry is worried about Ms Markle’s safety and is deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her.”

35-year-old Markle, who lives in Toronto, Canada, has not addressed the controversy publicly.

It’s doubtful that they will still be together by this time next year. Prince Harry is a known womanizer who has difficulty maintaining a stable relationship with any one woman.

So this will all blow over very soon.

Thanks to loyal reader Lovezoe for the tip.