Mariza Ruelas

A California mom was arrested and treated like a common criminal for selling home cooked meals through a Facebook group.

Mariza Ruelas and other members of the 209 Food Spot Facebook group were busted in a yearlong undercover investigation by San Joaquin County officials.

Ruelas and her four children, ages 6-20, prepared the meals and delivered them to customers in exchange for “clothes, a birthday cake or sometimes enough money to cover the cost of” cooking the meals.

“We didn’t see any harm in that,” Ruelas told The Washington Post. “There wasn’t anybody selling it daily. A lot of times, they were just getting back what they put into the ingredients.”

She said an undercover investigator posing as a customer ordered food through the Facebook page on December 3.

“They took the time to be investigating for over a year now,” Reulas told The Washington Post. “But they can’t solve all these unsolved murders?”

According to the, Ruelas and about 12 others “were arrested and charged with operating a food facility and engaging in business without a permit.”

Ruelas and the others accepted plea deals including a year of probation, a $235 fine and 40 hours of community service.

“The purpose wasn’t to sell food,” Ruelas said. “We wanted to bring something positive to our community.”

Imagine if the feds put the same time and effort into investigating Hillary Clinton’s crimes.