Hilary Clinton Beyonce

Jay Z and Beyonce‘s life of excess and depraved riches may be why Hillary Clinton lost the support of rural America and blue collar workers.

Clinton hoped Jay Z and Beyonce would put her in touch with black voters. But Beyonce, Jay Z and their elite friends are woefully out of touch with black America.

Forbes magazine reported that at least 20 stars on their Celebrity 100 list of top-paid celebrities publicly supported Clinton.

It didn’t help that the celebrities who campaigned for Clinton were Hollywood’s most arrogant and narcissistic.

Some of Clinton’s star-studded supporters just weren’t very nice.

Comedienne Amy Schumer called Donald Trump supporters “weak,” and said Trump voters aren’t “just misinformed… you didn’t even attempt information.” She said Clinton was “fighting to take care of you kicking and screaming babies.”

When it’s all said and done, the 4 celebrities whose endorsements hurt Clinton’s campaign the most were Beyonce, Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey, and yes, President Barack Obama.

Obama in particular didn’t do Clinton any favors when he made himself the center of her campaign.

In one speech, he howled and raged at black voters, saying he would consider it a “personal insult” to HIS “legacy” if they didn’t vote for Clinton.

Barack Obama

“My name may not be on the ballot, but our progress is on the ballot,” Obama said emphatically, as some in the audience scratched their heads, wondering what “progress” he was referring to.


Musician and media mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs said Obama “shortchanged” black people.