Nick Gordon

Everyone knows male socialite Nick Gordon is broke, but apparently that isn’t stopping Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s estate from attempting to collect on a $36 million wrongful death judgment.

If you recall, Brown’s father, New Edition singer Bobby Brown, 47, sued Gordon for wrongful death last year. Brown passed away on July 26, 2015 at age 22 after lingering in a coma at a Duluth, GA hospice.

Last year, a judge hit Gordon with a $36 million judgment because he failed to show up for any of the court proceedings related to the lawsuit.

Technically, he wasn’t found criminally responsible for Brown’s death, only legally responsible. — The judge found Gordon liable for the death and ordered him to pay $36,000,000 to the estate of Bobbi Kristina, including $1.3 mill for assault and battery/medical damages an additional $4.2 million (because when he assaulted her he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and $13 million for pain and suffering + $15 million for loss of life and loss of future potential income.

Soon after the judgment, Gordon told friends that he wasn’t working anywhere and he had no cash-flow.

But the lawyer for Brown’s estate is still attempting to collect on the $36 million judgment after Gordon missed a deadline to file for an appeal on the judgment.

The lawyer served Gordon with interrogatories — a list of questions to determine his financial situation, including bank statements, account balances, income tax documents, payments received for various media interviews, etc.

Gordon likely won’t respond to the request, which means a judge can authorize the lawyer to seize any property that is listed in Gordon’s name, current or future income, cars, homes, bank accounts, lottery winnings, etc., until the debt is paid in full.