Kevin Hart family

It irks my soul every time I see ignorant people dressing their dogs in costumes. Dressing a dog in a restrictive outfit is harmful. The costume worn by Kevin Hart’s dog in the above photo is considered restrictive clothing.

Dogs already wear coats. Restrictive clothing may cause some dogs to easily overheat and die.

It is unnatural and unnecessary to dress dogs in restrictive clothing, especially sweaters.

In the UK you could be prosecuted for dressing your dogs in similar costumes.

“You can buy anything fashion wise for your dog. I have an extreme love of the dog, but I don’t like to see them dressed up as little human beings. I don’t think they like it either. It’s unnatural,” said Lynn Williams, founder of dog charity Happy Dogs.

Veterinarians say use common sense if you insist on dressing your dogs in costumes!

“Make sure that any costume you choose or make for your pet meets common sense standards. It should be comfortable and nonrestrictive,” says veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker DVM.

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